Subsea Cable Monitoring

Protect critical infrastructure, facilities, and sensitive sites from breaches with round-the-clock, real-time fiber perimeter intrusion detection system (PIDS) that can be fence-mounted, buried, or deployed in a wall-top configuration.

Our world leading border technology is now available for perimeters.

Subsea Cable Protection

Welcome to the future of subsea cable protection with ONYX™ Peta Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS). Monitor and protect critical subsea infrastructure with round-the-clock, real-time Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) & Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS).

Sintela ONYX™ Peta Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) turns a subsea cable into thousands of acoustic arrays with a fully quantitative response every 6 meters along the full length of the cable with coverage greater than 100km for cable faults.

Sintela ONYX™ Peta uses advanced Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) technology, to collect and analyse real-time, quantitative data. combines DAS and DTS readings into a single output for customers to gain access to the benefits of both measurements. Our power cable integrity monitoring information includes real time detection of cable faults, trawler/anchor movement, free-spanning and erosion and many other cost saving data solutions that support Real Time Thermal Rating from DTS. ONYX™ Peta has two fiber ports and can detect subsea cable faults greater than 100km away.

An Easy to Deploy Subsea Cable Protection

As the backbone of modern communication, subsea cables are vital, yet vulnerable. Safeguarding them is paramount. That’s where ONYX™ steps in. The Sintela ONYX™ is able to detect external factors such as tidal patterns and all types of water based vehicles. Alongside these external detections the ONYX™ Peta provides fully automated system health monitoring of the internal composition of the cable whether it is a power cable, bundle of telecoms fiber or a mixture of both.

What sets ONYX™ apart is its cost-effectiveness and ease of installation. Gone are the days of complex and expensive subsea cable protection systems. ONYX™ offers a streamlined low cost solution that is easy to install with its fully automated setup with machine learning AI algorithms built on real life data.

Whether you’re securing critical data transmission lines or safeguarding vital infrastructure, ONYX™ is your trusted ally beneath the waves. Say goodbye to uncertainties and hello to peace of mind with ONYX™ Distributed Acoustic Sensing. Protect your cables, protect your connections, and protect your future with ONYX™.

Real-Time Detection

Capable of instantaneously identifying and locating with 6 meter accuracy, disturbances such as anchor drag, boats, underwater vehicles and cable damage. ONYX™ Peta facilitates rapid response, intervention and continuous monitoring.

ONYX™ Peta Subsea Cable Case Study

Numerous ONYX™ units have been installed across various subsea cable locations worldwide. At each of these locations the ONYX™ system is enabling operators of these cables with full visibility and situational awareness on how their asset is operating and movements around the cable.

The integration with AIS is seamless to help track and align vessels with all detections, and our state-of- the-art AI algorithms excel in challenging conditions, such as tidal patterns and external noise.


Average reduction in cost per installation when compared with other subsea cable protection.


Monitored continuously per ONYX™ Peta unit for subsea cable faults.


Enable fully quantative measurement every 6 meters along the full length of subsea cable.

ONYX™ Subsea Cable Coverage

In order to cover as much distance as possible our standard ONYX™ is capable of covering up to 100km per fiber for cable faults. The ONYX™ Peta has a wide-reaching coverage and eliminates the need for multiple sensors, thus reducing installation and maintenance costs.


Get in touch with Sintela for a quote regarding your bespoke requirements.

Get in touch with Sintela for a quote regarding your bespoke requirements

Quantitative Advantage

The Sintela ONYX™ platform uses quantitative analysis to provide measurements you can rely on. Through advanced AI analysis, our next generation fiber sensing solution eliminates background noise to deliver high fidelity readings, accurate threat detection and low false alarm rates.

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